Obedience to Christ

Christian Obedience to Christ

Simply stated...it means to do what Jesus wants you to do. It is an "action" word in response to trust.

Obedience to Christ means you willingly submit to God's will in the spirit of faith and love for Jesus. It's a conscious act of the will to conform your will to his.

You act on what he commands because you believe in who he is. You believe that what he says is true. You have faith that what he promises will happen. You prove that you trust his promises by your actions.

True children of God who desire to be right with God ought to desire this humble obedience to God. First, it requires trust... then, obedience... (Action).

But first! You cannot truly obey Christ in your home, your job, your home based business or any other area of your life if you are not born again. Be sure you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Personal Saviour. It is not enough to just believe Jesus walked this earth over 2,000 years ago. You must obey Him.

If you have not accepted Jesus as your Personal Savour, click here to read the Gospel message.

Trusting Christ

Christian obedience requires trust.

If you remember a time in your life when you trusted Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour, you had faith in the truth that Jesus is the only way for you to be forgiven of your sins.

At the moment in time, you accepted him. You believed that He would take you to Heaven when you died. You acknowledged your sin and asked him to forgive you. You accepted and received the free gift of Heaven that he offered you. It was an act of the will in obedience to Christ because of his promise.

The Difference Between Belief and Obedience

Before I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour, I believed in Him. I went to Sunday school when I was a young girl and listened to the wonderful Christmas story of how Jesus was born in the manger and how the wise men came with gifts of frankincense and myrrh. I heard how he was crucified on the cross and how he died and came back to life again. I even took part in many of the Christmas plays that our grade school performed.

I believed in his existence just like I believe that my doctor exists. But guess what? I was not saved at that time just because I believed he existed. I didn't get saved until twenty plus years later when I acted in obedience to Christ. When I humbly bowed my head in prayer and asked him to save me and take me to Heaven when I die.

Do you know that even the Devil believes in Christ?

But is Satan going to be in Heaven with the born again believers after death? Certainly not!

Satan is not in obedience to Christ. He believes God exists but he's not about to do what he wants. The Devil wants to do things his way. We know the end of the story for him now don't we? He'll spend eternity in Hell when it's all over. Not because he doesn't believe in Jesus but because he won't renounce his own will in obedience to Christ. He does not trust God and obey him. He trusts himself and acts according to his own will.

Trust in Your Doctor

This is a good illustration because many of us are getting a little leery and suspicious of our doctor's knowledge and motives these days. Suppose you went to your family doctor with a serious illness. If he prescribed a particular course of action to treat your disease and you had faith that what he said was true, you would obey him and take the medicine he prescribed.

But suppose you did not trust that he had your best interests at heart, or wasn't up to date on the latest medical breakthroughs or alternative medicine? You might visit him because you know he exists and listen to his medical advise; but, you would not truly trust him until you actually took the medicine he prescribed in obedience to the faith you had in him. Do you see the difference between belief and obedience?

I hate to say this... but millions of people die and go to Hell for lack of knowledge.

Millions and millions of people believe in Christ. Millions of people spend countless hours serving in their churches, communities, and other non profit organizations doing awesome good for humanity all over the globe.

Millions of dollars are given to help the needy and the poor.
But if these givers of time and money merely believe in Jesus but have not consciously accepted him as their personal Saviour obedience to Christ, they will (unfortunately) spend eternity in Hell with Satan when they die.
Remember what I said?...Satan also believes that Jesus exists.

Obedience Brings Blessings

God gives every one of us in this world a free will. You can choose to accept Him or reject him as your personal Saviour. You can choose to keep his commandments and obey his instructions or not. He does not force himself on you. He does not make you do anything against your will.

God allows you the freedom to choose how you live your life from day to day. But if you choose to do whatever you want without seeking to know his will, do not expect God to bless you. If you are not living in obedience to Christ, you will eventually suffer for your disobedience. Either by ill health, lost opportunities, marriage problems, money troubles, and ultimately... death and eternity in Hell if you choose to reject Him.

By not wanting to live as God commands or not working to live as God wants, you have basically told the Lord to leave you alone. You have told him not to bother you with his rules and commandments.

Just like Satan, you think you have a better way. You think you can get to Heaven by your own good works. Or... find your own blessings, satisfaction, and happiness in your own way and on your own terms. Do you think you have better goals for your life than what God has planned for you? Think twice because God will correct his children to get them on the right track.

Just as our earthly fathers disciple their children because they want the best for them, our Heavenly father does what is necessary to get our attention and help us do right. Don't be surprised if you cannot win your family and friends to the Lord if you are not living right. Do not expect to get your prayers answered if you are not in obedience to the steps he asks you to take.

God will bless Christian obedience. To receive his blessings, protection, and answers to prayer, you need be in obedience to Christ in your walk with him after Salvation. If you have accepted him as your Saviour but refuse to trust him with the next steps he requires of you such as: baptism, church membership, tithing, soul winning, reading your Bible and prayer...you will not know God's will for your life. It is obeying and following God's Word that teaches men God's righteous ways.

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