How to Write an Ad

How to Write an Ad...
"10 Easy Steps"

If you are new to advertising and marketing a business, it can seem a little overwhelming, I'm sure.

It's easy to get "information overload" when you start to do a little google searching for help.

I know. I've been there!

I still remember the anxiety and stress I felt as I hopped from site to site on the net trying to make sense of it all.

Is that where you're at?

Well... You can relax now...

That's why I wrote these easy, do-able "How to Write an Ad" instructions. You will learn how to write an ad the simple, "no stress way."

Once you know the basics, you will feel more confident. You will get better and better at writing effective ads.

Before you know it, you will be sprucing up your ads with html and uploading videos!

But of course, ground "zero" is where the fun begins.

Ready to Get Started?

First, You will need to gather a bit of information about your business or affiliate program.

You can find lots of content from your company's website, or capture page (landing page), or from your own knowledge of the product or opportunity if you are familiar with it.

1. Open up a note pad on your desktop.

2. Open up your company's website.

(Keep both windows open on your desktop.)

3. Look for some interesting information from the site.

4. Write a list of all the features of your product or opportunity.

5. Beside each feature, write down the benefit of the feature.

And easy way to do this is to look at each feature and pretend that you are the customer. Ask yourself two questions:

a) "So what?"
b) "What will it do for me?"

The answers you come up with will be the "benefits."

6. Pick "one" benefit that truly stands out from the rest. What makes it stand out from other company products or business opportunities on the market? It might be the price, the customer service, or the guarantee.

For example, don't just say that your product has a money back guarantee (a feature). Tell the customer that they have nothing to lose by trying it. Better still... describe how "healthy and vibrant" they will feel if they use your products.

Note: Your product or opportunity might have many strong points. However, we are starting with a simple classified ad. It's the type of ad you could place on Craigs list or Kijji. So... we will make it short and to the point.

Later on, you can write longer ads and or/experiment a little with adding other benefits. But for now, we will keep it "real" simple. Don't go into a lot of detail. A few sentences is fine.

7. Use strong emotion when describing the benefit. Don't just say, "You can't fail with this business. Say, "Imagine being able to write your letter of resignation to your boss. Just picture the shock on his face when he reads it."

8. Do you have a testimonial from a happy customer?
Great... It adds credibility to your ad, so use it.

For example:

"I feel so blessed to have been introduced to Joy to Live. I look forward to being able to give thousands of dollars to missionaries with the income earned from this God given home business!"

Linda Pepin, Niagara Falls, Canada

9. Write the way you talk. Don't use techy talk or flowerly speech. Keep it real. Be yourself. Match the tone of your writing to your product or opportunity.

Will you be happy and enthusiastic? or Serious and level headed? You're not going to write the same way if you were selling flights to the sunny south vs cemetery head stones.

10. Know who you are writing to. You need to know your target audience. Would your product or opportunity be suitable for Housewives? Students? or Health nuts?

11. Wrap up your ad by giving a call to action.

For example: Click here to learn more.
Or... Dial this special number to get 50% off.

12. Try to create a sense of urgency.
Eg. Only 99 items left. Don't miss out!

Make it really easy for your reader to know what to do.
Your number, website address, email etc., should be clearly visible.

You might think that this type of writing is manipulating your customer's behaviour. In a way it is. Good ad copy taps into your customers emotions and should motivate them to act.

You need to write to convince your prospect that your product or opportunity is what they want. But you shouldn't be selling something you don't believe in.

Your ad should not be hype. Your prospect is looking for a solution to his/her need. Your job is to show him/her that your product or opportunity is the best choice based on their wants and desires.

13. The Headline

I left the headline (or subject line it's often called) until last. But... any time you get catchy ideas, jot them down.

The headline is VERY important. If it doesn't grab the reader's attention in a few seconds, you've lost them. They will not read the rest of your ad.

The headline should be related to the #1 benefit that you chose.

The "headline analyzer" is an awesome tool to help you choose an effective headline. Click here to check it out. It's FREE!

I Hope these "How to Write an Ad" steps have helped you.

Linda Pepin
Contact me here.

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