Home Business Niche

What does Home Business Niche mean and How Will it Affect Your Success?

A Business Niche is a smaller, highly focused area of commercial livelihood. It usually involves work that you are especially suited for or have developed specific skills to earn a living from. A niche is a narrower, more defined slice of the marketplace.

Example of a Home Business Niche

For example, a person with a gift to write would not be able to compete if he tried to write for everyone. But on the other hand, if he chose to write specifically for Christian publications, he'd have a better chance of success. That targeted focus would be considered his home business niche.

Time = Money "Taking the time to find your niche during this phase of your home business building will pay off in personal satisfaction, good lead generation, and monetary gain in the long term."


Knowing what God wants you to do might not be immediately apparent. It might take a bit of self searching and a few brainstorming questions before you find the right "nook."

If you're like a lot of people, you might even think you don't do anything special. Worse yet, you might think you don't have anything to offer or any skills to develop never mind finding a niche market for it!

Find Your Pearl

Oyster Let me assure you that in God's eyes there is a "pearl in every oyster" but it takes time to find it and patience to cultivate it. You'll want to find something you are especially suited for. Doing something you love makes life worth living and a whole lot easier.

Talent or Skill

God has given you a special talent, interest, or skill that He expects you to use to be of service to others. Some Christians know exactly what that is. It might be very obvious to others as well. Perhaps you play the piano. Or maybe you are good at organizing. Do you teach? Perhaps you bake the best pies or are the perfect hostess. Know how to fix computers or paint wildlife pictures? Wonderful. That's your "nook" and God can use that for His honour and Glory.

Is it marketable?

Once you find that special "cranny" of expertise, you can find out if your product, service, talent, or knowledge is marketable. If others are in need of your service or product, they will gladly pay you for it. Your home business marketing should be targeted to a select group of potential customers. Better known as home business "niche" marketing.

Ask for help

If you are not yet sure what your special place of service is, be sure to commune with God. Ask him to help you find the best fit for you. After all, he knows you best and wants you to be happy. He loves you and created you to fellowship with Him. He wants you to talk to Him about every stage of your business development. He will help you with home business ideas and more specifically, your home business niche.

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