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Our Letter (below) is Specifically Addressed to Pastors but our Church Fundraiser Solution Works Equally Well for any Non Profit Dear Pastor,

If you have a few minutes, I would like to present our "World Light Funding" program that could greatly benefit your church, the members, and yourself.

In fact, it can place the church in a beautiful financial future.

Below is a short (as possible) version explaining how this can be done with little cost to anyone and with great rewards to everyone. (Also...listen and watch Brads World Light Video (cat - top left)

How the Church Funding Works

You can purchase a Business Center in the name of your church. Then enroll yourself and all the members, under it. Your church could then be made the charity. Therefore, your church would receive the Matching Bonus from the members as well as receive a 10% charity contribution from the earnings on every Business Center, including it's very own.

Buy a Business Center Here.

Here is a capsule version of what World Light can mean to you. Please remember this is a Straight Line Program - Everyone coming in after you comes in below you regardless of who refers them.

There are two ways of joining. You can purchase 2 E-Books for $59 and the company will reward you with a Jumping Stage (JS) (A position in the main pay-line.) Or, you can purchase 12 E-Books for the discounted price of $347 and the company will reward you with a Triple Option. With The Triple Option, you also receive a Jumping Stage. (A position in both pay-lines!)

Automated Church Funding

This is truly an Automatic Income program for the person who does not wish to enroll others. This income is triggered and activated by movement/growth in the straight line matrix.

The one time purchase of 2 E-Books for $59, enrolls you in the JS payline and may, over it's lifetime, produce $5.5 M for you. We are told that those who get in ahead of the masses coming into the business, can easily see a six-figure income next year.

Now, if you desire to reach pay quicker... and over time, increase your income exponentially, purchase 12 E-Books for $347 which enrolls you in both, the JS and the Triple Option pay lines. This has the potential to pay $650,000 to you over time. AND it can produce 3,179 JS's for you - each with a potential to pay $5.5 M to you. (Let me preface this with the fact that you nor I will live long enough to collect all that money) But it is willable to your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. They will live very well for generations to come. You can see this could result in a 10-figure income.

Once again, all this is without doing anything - strictly Automatic Income!!

Helping Others Generates More Income

Now, if you enroll others, you could be handsomely rewarded. The "Matching Bonuses" utilize a 2-up structure. Meaning... your first two JS's roll up to your sponsor for matching pay. Then you are fully qualified for 50% Matching Bonus. Many people qualify themselves by purchasing three JS's at the beginning. Matching Bonus is where the Big - Big money can be made.

Starting with your third person, you will match 50% of their automatic income. Therefore, each JS that you match represents another possible $2.75M to you. If you just enroll 4 JS's, you have just doubled you income to over $11 M.

Should you enroll 40 JS's (which is not that difficult), since you are getting the first two for every JS you enroll, then you are getting the first two from the two who rolled up. Then that can grow to be 4, then 8, then 16 and so on.

When you have at least 40 JS positions (after passing up your first two) in your personal downline, the Matching Bonus moves up to 75% on every JS you are matching. If you should enroll 100 JS's (which many people are doing by enrolling their churches and all the members), the percentage moves up to 100%. You are getting dollar for dollar what all your JS's are making in Automatic income. Therefore, they all represent a possible $5.5 M to you. You can see how this could mean a 10-figure income to you.

With regard to the Triple Option, if a one-time $347 for 12 E-Books is not comfortable for you - then sponsor someone in with a Triple Option. As the sponsor of a Triple Option, you would earn 50% of what the owner does. Or, potentially, $325,000 over time. Plus... get over 1,000 JS's (each with the potential to pay $5.5 M to you.)

If you should sponsor your own Triple Option, you would make the Automatic income along with the matching bonus. This would equal a potential for $975,000 over time ( along with 4,372 JS's... each with a potential to pay you $5.5 M) Bet you and your offspring could use that kind of income!!

10% to Charity of Your Choice

Now, here is the Good Part. Every time you receive a check, the company will match 10% of that check and give it to the charity of your choice. No money will be taken from your check for payment to charities. World Light pays the equivalent of 10% of your check to the charity of your choice. This is a true humanitarian program.

All of the money that the first business center of each of the two lines make (they are both owned by World Light), is given to charities. You can select one of the charities listed or you can select your own church to be your charity of choice.

This program (we all believe), will go down in history for all the good it does for all the world; the sick, the poor, the homeless, etc. The members will have the money to provide for themselves and everyone they want to help as well.

World Light History

The Late Mr. Ronald Mashal, (who was an ordained minister), and the designer of this program, always said this was a gift from God. He always gave the credit to God and we truly believe it. Because, no mortal could have devised the complexity of this program. Mr. Mashal said that God designed this program to help Christian people who are going to be affected by the falling economy - all the people of the world who will also be affected, and we would need this help in the last days.

World Light was seven years in the making and was about to go world-wide in July, 2008. Unexpectedly, Mr. Ronald Mashal passed away July 6, 2008. Another pastor and dear friend of Mr. Ronald Mashal, Isaac Copple, later purchased the program and all copyrights. He then made the Program stronger by establishing an office and Incorporating off shore. He then had many lawyers review the program and make changes to the website to comply with all laws to make sure no entity could shut us down.

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