Christian Income

What do you mean "Christian" Income?

Christian Income is a phrase that is commonly entered into the Yahoo or Google search bar. How do I know? Because I have a neat little "keyword" search tool that came with Site Build It (the website building package I'm using to build my Christian Home Business Website).

Now...why do you suppose people would be entering Christian-Income in the search bar? How is "Christian" Income any different than any other kind of income?

Because I'm a Christian, I can identify with the thinking process that probably goes into someone's mind when they search for "Christian Income" ideas.

Christian Income Comes from God

Searching for this particular term would mean the money would ultimately come from God as the true source but through a channel of some sort like a legitimate home business based on Christian principles or a job related to Christian service.

At the very least it would have to be a job or business with high moral standards and honest ethical practices.

As a Christian, I wouldn't want to make money from illegal sources or from somewhere that I know would not honour and glorify God.

I have turned down many job opportunities in the past because I would have had to serve alcohol, sell cigarettes or lottery tickets, work late into the night, or dress inappropriately.

Some jobs I didn't take because I would have had to work on Wednesday evenings or Sundays and I would have to miss attending church services.

There are many other reasons I turned down job opportunities or business ventures because I felt that God would not be pleased if I were to take part in them. Sometimes it was because of the un-Godly music playing, vulgar language spoken, or gossip and back stabbing amongst employees. I would have a hard time believing these avenues were channels used of God.

Google Searching Christian Income Terms

I would Google search terms like: "Christian based Income", Christian Money Making, or Christian Work from Home Opportunities, to find a business that would allow me flexibility and a good income without interfering with my family and church responsibilities.

Hopefully the company would have a vision to serve others, help the poor and needy, and benefit churches and/or non-profit organizations. That would be the ideal way to generate a Christian based income.

Joy to Live's Christian Online Opportunity

Roger and I have found a true Christian Owned Income Opportunity with Joy to Live. We believe God is moving in this home business providing a financial channel to help us overcome the current economic crisis.

The company is Christian owned. The leaders have integrity and a vision for the future. This is not a get rich quick deal. It is a legitimate product driven internet based business that you're sure to be impressed with. Contact us any time with your questions or if you are ready to get started!

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