Business Prayers

Business prayers are absolutely essential for the success of your home based business.

If God is not in control of your business, you might as well pack it in right now because you're wasting your time. Psalm 127:1 says, "Except the LORD build the house, they labor in vain that build it."


Success in God's Eyes?

I used to think Psalm 127:1 just applied to a marriage or home making skills but now I realize that it is applicable to every area of a person's life. God must have the preeminence in your marriage, job, community work, and church responsibilities, as well as your home based business.

To all outward appearances, many of your fellow entrepreneurs might appear quite successful in their home based businesses compared to your "seemingly" meager results.

Maybe these networking gurus are building a huge down-line in their MLN business, are dynamic motivational speakers, or are popular and prominent in their home business niche. This might leave some of you feeling envious or jealous. Maybe even a little resentful. But are their accomplishments a true success in God's eyes? Maybe not!

Quiet Communion

The way in which you approach God in your business prayers will determine your real success. The kind of success that pleases God, not man or self. It might be a far cry from what the world views as success but when you became a Christian, your motives should have changed or hopefully are changing as you grow in grace.

When I talk about praying for your business, I don't mean, "Dear God please help me make a sale today" or "Please give me $500 dollars by Friday" type of prayer. I'm talking about making contact with God all day long...step by step, hour by hour, minute by minute for wisdom and guidance. That doesn't mean laying prostrate on the floor for hours at a time crying your heart out.

I'm simply talking about quiet communion throughout the day in whatever you are doing at the present moment. Seek to know His will, not your own as you go about your day.

Maybe the phone call you make to the next prospect won't lead to an immediate sale but perhaps you will have brightened that person's day because you genuinely cared about how they were when you asked.

Why not think more about how you can help your prospect generate an income from home so they can be helped rather than you thinking about you personally making a sale to put a few more bucks in your own pocket?

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What Kind of Prayers?

Ask God what you should say when you make the next follow up call on a customer. Ask Him where you should advertise next. Ask Him what to write in your next forum post. Be very specific and trust that He is answering and guiding you and act on what He impresses you to do. If you prefer to work with a "to do" list, ask God to help you write it. Ask for the "right" priorities as you jot things down and be sensitive and flexible enough to know when He is guiding you once you have started taking action.

Hint: I keep my Bible open right in front of me on my office desk. I also have lots of note paper handy. I read my Bible and talk to Him during my business building hours. When I get ideas and direction, I write them down immediately. Some I can execute right away. Others are long term goals.

Business prayers are something quite different to me now than what they used to be. I used to think that if I wasn't making tons of money, training a multitude of affiliates, or attending the latest company "rah-rah" meeting (like my up-line pressured me to do) that I was doing something wrong. Now I realize that God is more pleased with me if I obey Him and write a page on my website that He directs me to write.

As an example... I wasn't sure what to write about today, so I prayed for help. I believe God led me to write on business prayers. Guess what my immediate response was? "Business prayers?!! How will I make any money writing about that!" So you see, I'm human and question his answers on occasion and you will too. It's normal, but the more you practice this way of talking and walking with Him, the easier it becomes.

Don't Second Guess God

So in your business prayers just obey Gods' directives and trust Him to provide. He always comes through. I find that most of the time God provides at the very last minute when I'm just about to wonder if He really exists. That's when he steps in and I have to ask for forgiveness for doubting Him once again!

So don't worry about money. Sales will come in ways and times you would never expect. God will prove to you over and over again that He is in control and that you needn't second guess His commands or the Holy Spirits' promptings. Isaiah 55:8 says, "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD."

Just keep moving forward "step by step" as He leads and trust Him ever more deeply (even for the moment you do not see). For we walk by faith, not by sight.

Hope that helps some of you,


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